Baby Weaning Chart - UPDATED 2017

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A little over five years ago I was in the middle of introducing solid foods to my first child and found the amount of information on the topic to be a bit overwhelming.

As a graphic designer (and mom who needs a feeling of control) I decided to summarize everything I found about baby weaning into an organized infographic.

Since posting the first version of this chart back in 2012, I have received an overwhelming response from readers who had been looking for something to help them in their weaning processes.

I realized that this chart was doing what I hoped it would — helping other parents (something we all need at one point or another).

So, now it is 5 years later and I am just beginning the weaning process all over again with my second child.

Plus, this year the American Academy of Pediatrics has changed their recommendations for when to introduce foods that have high allergy risks as they are learning that earlier introductions to highly allergenic foods tend to decrease the risk for developing allergies. I recommend reading all about it here.

With all of the changes in the AAP recommendations I knew it was time to redesign the Baby Weaning Chart to reflect those as well as to spruce it up a bit. I hope it helps you and allows you to enjoy the process of watching your little one experience new flavors and textures. You can even circle whether or not your baby liked the food (just remember, if your child doesn’t like it the first time go ahead and wait a while but do try again. Your baby might like it later on down the road).

I hope you enjoy watching your little one experience new textures and flavors. Download links are below the chart.



Please note: the chart is designed for the earliest foods to be introduced somewhere between 4 to 6 months. Many pediatricians recommend waiting until 6 months to do so, but many also encourage offering rice cereal as early as 4 months for the added iron. The choice will be yours. Let’s please not shame others for their choice in this matter, allright moms? 



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