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Get the newly updated  Baby Weaning Chart with the 2017 AAP guidelines here.

Since posting this weaning chart back in 2012, I have received a lot of feedback. Overall, I think most people using this chart have found it helpful as they understand that it is to be used as a guide throughout the long and gradual process of weaning. Of course, since the internet is what it is, I also received negative feedback from parents concerned that this chart promoted introducing foods too early and, thus, encouraged childhood obesity among other concerns. After some thought, I took this post down, but have decided that since it really was helpful to me and my family that I wanted to continue to share that with those out there who are able to use discernment and common sense in the process of introducing foods into their child’s diets. Parents, please remember that each child is different and we should be careful to offer help and support to families rather than judgement and criticism. Thanks and I hope you can benefit from this chart. ~Kat

I am currently knee-deep in the weaning process with my 7 month old son and have discovered that, while people have been doing this FOREVER, it’s kind of confusing. You can see that my boy isn’t too sure about bananas just yet.


I’ve read flipped through a bunch of baby books and scoured the web for some cohesion of information. My end result was a kind of chaotic mash up of notes. For example, one source suggested that children start certain foods (like meats) at 6 months, but then some sources said to wait until 10 months. Oy vay!

My tendency when overwhelmed with information is to chart it out. CHART. IT. OUT.  I have to see it before me in some sort of visual order to get a grip and understanding.

So, with that…I present the Wee Little One’s Weaning Chart!

I’ve put everything together as best as I could and want to give it away! So, feel free to download this Weaning Chart and print it out for use in your home. Check off the foods as you introduce them to your child and circle whether or not your wee little one liked it or whether it ended up on your face (hopefully not).

PLEASE NOTE: Some of you have been unable to download the chart when using Internet Explorer. If that’s the case for you try using a different browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. Hope that helps!

It’s legal size (8.5 x 14 inches) and I recommend you take the file to your neighborhood printer (ahem, FedEX) and request it be printed on something like a 60lb. matte cover stock.

I hope you enjoy this little nerdy chart and pass it along to your mom friends to help them out when it’s their turn.

Please note: Every child is different and there are many approaches to weaning. This chart combines several approaches and is in no way an official guide to what is best for your child. All decisions made for your child are your sole responsibility and a consultation with your child’s pediatrician is recommended prior to the introduction of any foods into your child’s diet.

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