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Studio Makeover Part 2

Studio Makeover Part 2

Studio Makeover Part 2

It’s been months since I promised a post about our studio desk installation. My apologies! We have absolutely loved this double desk that we built to complete our studio makeover. We got our original idea for this project from the Young House Love blog.

It all started with these very very sad little vanity cabinets that we found for a fantastically low price at our local Habitat for Humanity resale store.

We were slightly hesitant to buy them because they had some water damage on the back corners, but since they were the right height to match our the wooden file cabinet that we already have (which happens to be a unique height), we pretty much had to get them. Jason just sawed off the rotted part and reinforced it with a 2×4. Since the damage was all on the back bottoms, we figured no one would be able to see the repairs – which turned out to be right!


After the water damage had been fixed, we primed them and added small wood pieces to the fronts to create some detailing. Seriously, all it took to get them on there was wood glue. That stuff is amazing.

After the wood trim was secure, we painted a few more coats of white, caulked all edges of the trim (paintable caulking is a MUST!) and added the new hardware. We also added some wood boards to the tops to bring it to the exact height of our wooden file cabinet that would be the center piece of the desks.

We also painted our existing wood file cabinet and added these handles and labels that we found at Target.

Once the desk bases were all done, we brought them in to our studio space and added the wood tops we made when we did the shelves. These are exactly the same size as each piece of shelving and we made four of these to span the entire desk length and depth.

desk install

We just put the wood desk top pieces on and secured them with L-brackets to each desk base. It was the easiest part of the entire process.

Home Studio Space

While some say that facing a wall stunts creativity, I find that it limits my distractions and helps me get into a great creative groove. What does your work space look like? I’d love to see what creative ideas you guys have come up with!

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